IPPY Award

Respectful Parenting:

  • Creates a lifetime of difference for you and your children.
  • Allows you to be the kind of parent you want to be.
  • Is wonderfully nurturing for your children.
  • Has parents feeling great as they do it.
  • Optimizes your child's cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Provides people working with families marvelous new ideas, tools, and skills they can use with families
  • Provides child care staff with new options for dealing with challenging or needy children and parents
  • Provides people working with families new ways of communicating effectively and respectfully with the families in their organization
about Dr. Baum as a speaker
"Wow, I learned so much in just a few hours!"
"I wish I could take her home with me so I could consult with her every day."
*From an anonymous evaluation form
parenting video

About the book:

"I highly recommend this book to all about-to-be and new parents. This is a much-needed book."
Michael Gurian, Ph.D.,
author of The Wonder of Boys, The Wonder of Girls, A FineYoung Man, etc.
"Dr. Baum proposes and convincingly defends an alternative child-rearing paradigm-parenting with empathy and respect for a child's needs.
Marianne Neifert, M.D, author of Dr. Mom.
"What a great book on parenting!! I would recommend this to any new parent..."
Ann Moore, creator of the Weego (the original Snugli baby carrier)
"I found the information and format of the book immediately useful... Respectful Parenting is an important piece of work."
Shirley Dodd, M.S.W.
"I have thoroughly enjoyed Respectful Parenting! ...This is a terrific book."
Jean LaCrosse, Ph.D.
speaking engagements
Joanne is available to speak with book clubs and parent groups who want to read and discuss her book, Got The Baby Where’s the Manual?!?
Just call her to make arrangements.

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